Saturday, December 31, 2005

Top 10 Global Youthspeak words

I just read this. It once again proves I'm not with it! Is "with it" passe? Is "passe" passe?

The Top Ten Global YouthSpeak Words:

1. Crunk: A Southern variation of hip hop music; also meaning fun or amped.

2. Mang: Variation of man, as in "S'up, mang?"

3. A'ight: All Right, "That girl is nice, she's a'ight"

4. Mad: A lot; "She has mad money"

5. Props: Cheers, as in "He gets mad props!"

6. Bizznizzle: This term for" business" is part of the Snoop Dogg/Sean John-inspired lexicon, as in "None of your bizznizzle!'

7. Fully: In Australia an intensive. as in 'fully sick'.

8. Fundoo: In India, Hindi for cool

9. Brill! From the UK, the shortened form of brilliant!

10. "s'up": Another in an apparently endless number of Whazzup? permutations.

New Year's Eve

Wow - wasn't that a fast year! I pray you all had a fantastic year and wish you blessings for the New year. I wanted to end up the year with a parting Grandchildren photo Rachel took on December 27th.

Friday, December 30, 2005


Not sure if you ever read Blogs (hey! You're reading this one!), but here are some of my favorites:

This is "A Million Monkeys Typing" blog. Mostly efficiency and goal oriented with random interesting thoughts. He always finds something new and worth checking out.

Mark Cuban's blog - the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Mark is a real Maverick as well and has some interesting insights on the team and business and life in general.

"Every Day Matters" by Danny Gregory. Wow, wish I could draw like him. I actually enjoy the sketches more than the words, but still fascinating.

Lifehack is a productivity oriented site with some fascinating tips.

Lifehacker also has productivity tips. Again, always something interesting.

Keith Drury is a Wesleyan with interesting Religious oriented articles. You may not always agree, but thought provoking.

That's it for now - maybe you can learn something new!


Neidon rolled over yesterday - it's a parent/grand-parent thing, you wouldn't understand!
Here is a photo of Kaireia on her new Christmas horse too. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A new grandson

Neidon was born this year - September 7, 2005. A great looking guy, like his grandpa(s).


I have two children and three grandchildren. I'll start with their earliest photos and continue with more recent as time goes by.

This is of the twins - one of the earliest photos of them together. Kairou on the left, in the blue blanket of course, and Kairiea on the right in the pink blanket.

Taken in October of 2003.

My Purpose

Supposedly a purpose statement is appropriate at this point. Well, my free web site I've had the past few years now wants a fee for my extremely limited content. So here I am. Purpose enough?

I also need a place to post some photos of children and grand children and keep you abreast of happenings within our family and circle of friends.

You also all know I'm a web addict, so I'll occasionally post some of my favorite web findings for your enjoyment as well.

Thanks for stopping by.